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Client/Member Feedback

"I have been taking Joy's boot camp class since June 2013 and I absolutely love it! It's very tough but she is so encouraging and always shows modifications while pushing you to show what you are capable of. I just started taking her kickboxing class which I am also enjoying. Joy is always bringing something new and fun to her classes while pushing you to help show results!"

"I've been taking Joy's classes for over 5 years now, including kickboxing, body works and boot camp at LA Fitness in Farmingdale. She motivates her class members, gives individual attention if needed and always makes modifications. She challenges her students and has always been highly professional. She always starts classes on time and gives us the fullest workout possible during the 1 hour class, leaving me feeling like I got a great workout and always look forward to the following week's class. I like her format for the bootcamp class the best out of all teachers I've taken it with because she switches up every few weeks and it's not confusing or difficult to catch on. Her style and exercise techniques makes me feel like I am working with a personal trainer!"

"I am a member of LA Fitness in Farmingdale, and over the past several years I have taken many classes at the gym, which I find to be the best way for me to work out, stay focused and have a good time. Of all the instructors I have worked with, and there have been many, Joy K. is, without question, THE BEST. Her workouts are amazing, and the results worth every minute! She makes sure every person's needs are met, from the beginner to the seasoned athlete. You can work at your own pace, yet always feel good about what you can accomplish in her class! She is amazing, and knows more about how to stay in shape than anyone I've ever met. Her website is unbelievable, and her talents go far beyond the gym!"

"I take the LA Fitness body sculpting class with Joy. I always feel like I get an excellent workout. Itís challenging but when Iíve completed the workout, I feel like I have accomplished something. There is always a variety and Joy changes up the class so I feel like I am getting something different each time I attend. Joy is a true professional and the class is always consistently good. Joy is very focused and definitely tries to give her best each day."

"I have been a member at LA Fitness for 10 years & I have been taking Joy's classes from the beginning. She can mix up but still keep in the basics in the routines. I always leave the classes with a sweat knowing I've gotten a great workout. She always gives modifications to allow you to push yourself just a little more. My dedication to getting up on the weekends for classes would not be the same if Joy were not teaching those classes!"

"I think the best part of your teaching & leading skills are the repeated instructions on what comes next. I donít have to watch you which for me would be a distraction, hearing the moves allows me to focus on doing them. It is an excellent part of both classes. You never feel left out in your classes if you canít keep up. You are open to any questions before the classes and after. I look forward to both because of your leading style."

"I have been taking Joy's classes at LA Fitness since I joined in 2004. I have taken them all and absolutely love her. I especially enjoy the boot camp circuit. Joy is very encouraging and motivating. She teaches with all types of modifications, however she encourages you to push your body and mind throughout the class."

"I have been taking Joy's step/sculpt and kickboxing for the past 4 years. Joy is a great motivator, she keeps us all in check and in shape. I look forward to the Saturday and Sunday classes. Joy has a large following and her classes are alway packed. I have managed to keep my fitness routine in large part due to Joy's classes, diet and home exercise

"I have been taking classes with Joy for over 8 years. In a word Joy's workouts are "INTENSE". She brings her A-game to every workout. Working out with Joy is like on of those tasks that you can't imagine not doing but often midway through a work out, you aren't sure that you are going to make it to the end. Yet you always do – Joy provides modifications and will devote individual attention to members of each class to ensure their success. So if you are ready to work, taking a class with Joy should definitely be on your "To Do" list."