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Are you ready to improve your overall quality of life?

Then you are ready to StayFit with Joy! I offer many ways to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Whether it be from your home or away from your home, there are several ways that I can help you.

This is not only a job for me, it is a lifestyle! I live, lead and educate others into doing the same. One of the most important things I do for my class members and clients is to educate them on the how to. It is not just about going through the motions of physical exercise or eating properly, it is about the know how to do it correctly, confidently and consistently. By educating my class members and clients, they walk away with the knowledge to improve their physical and emotional strength.

From free tips and information on this website, to classes at your local gym, in-home and
in-gym personal training, private classes and parties, custom video workouts and online coaching there are many ways for me to educate you.

I encourage you to begin by reading through the vast information I have included on this website. I have listed some of my favorite tips and information on exercise and nutrition. I offer a free generic meal plan that can be downloaded and used right from this website. And, I have come up with many healthy recipes that I encourage you to try. The information included here will help you in leading a successful healthy lifestyle.